How To Write Your First Novel

How To Write Your First Novel


You may have read a novel or two before you developed an interest in writing your own novel. As you read through these books you may have noticed that the authors managed to keep their theme in focus throughout the plot of the novel. For many first time novelists, maintaining the momentum and theme of the story may be difficult. Many people begin writing with bags full of enthusiasm as they are full of inspiration. But as their inspiration wanes, their enthusiasm to write fades and their novel begins to lose focus. If this sounds like you then you should learn how to write a novel fast so as to keep the focus.

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As you learn how to write a novel fast you will find that organizing and planning your novel are crucial parts of writing. Organizing your novel helps you to keep the focus of your novel even on the days that you do not feel up to writing. The following tips in organization will help you focus your novel and learn how to write a novel fast.

-Decide on the theme of your novel and write a few notes about it. What are the aims and objectives of your book? What do you want to portray? What message do you want the readers to get from your book?

-Decide on the plot of your book and write an outline. This will help guide you as you write.

-Decide on the characters and setting of the novel.

-Organize all this information in separate folders. You can add or remove information from these folders as you go along.

– Create a folder for random thoughts and notes. Include any random ideas that may come to mind while you are not working on your novel or that can be included in later scenes. It would be a good idea to invest in a digital recorder to record your thoughts and ideas.

Writing a novel for beginners can be a difficult task and often consumes a lot of time. This happens because the writer does not have enough information to put a book together. As a result the writer searches for a long time and often in the wrong places. If you are in this situation and looking for a ‘how to write a novel free’ guide then this article will help you.

The first place to find solid information when it comes to structuring a novel is on the Internet. Ebook crossroads is an example of a popular website that offers writing, marketing and publishing information for free. You will find great wealth of information needed to ensure your project gets completed at a faster pace and with ease. This site has audio books, electronic books, ezines, articles, product reviews and a marketing center.

how to write your first novel

If you intend to publish your book, the site offers digital alternatives with its 5 minute PDF creator. There is a ‘how to write a novel free’ book for download. The books that can help you with your novel writing on this site have been categorized into 28 groups. Whether you are writing a children novel or Sci-Fi book all the information is available.

Structure: Threads

Write a thread about your main character, and develop threads about characters who come into the MC’s thread. Then, when the story is more than half-way written, start combining these threads together forming chapters. As you write, break your threads up into scenes , for example – action seqences, character description and some background narrative.

Grammar And Punctuation
Writing books is about much more than this if you have a good story. If you really are blow par in this respect then it might be advisable to hire a professional proof editor before sending your manuscript to an agent or publisher.

The act of writing will release your creative side.

Draw on your experiences whenever you can. People write best about what they know. Research thoroughly those areas you don’t know well – the internet has been a real boon to researchers.

In Conclusion

Just do it. Write the first sentence then the paragraph and so on. Be modest with your early objectives. Write your next hundred words. As you write, ideas will come – note them on a pad, for later work. Join a writers’ forum, and meet other authors – there are thousands of aspiring authors learning how to write novels, and exchanging ideas. It is a great way of learning the craft.

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